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About Us

ECHO PAINTS is a paint manufacturer specialized in complement paints coating. We started our production in 1984, we are continuing in our quest to create unmatched paints since the company was founded.

Our paints production used high levels of pigment, rich resin binders, and the high immersive depth of color.

We are producing a wide range of products:

- Industrial products:  EPOXIES ROAD MARKING - P.U. (polyurethane) - the thermoplastic acrylic paints.

 - Decorative paints.

 - Protective paints.

- Solvent and water based textured coating.

- Solvent and water based Acrylic wall paints.

- Enamel based paints.

- Undercoats, and primers paints.

- Anti corrosion paints.

- Wood stain Varnishes and lacquer paints.

- Metal and steel Coatings.

- Anti microbial paints.

 our company is concentrating on the development and marketing of high performances coating specially for architectural use, such as health type interior wall paint, (Anti microbial) for hospital use, decorative effect paints and computerized tinting system.


About the color

Color is a powerful tool that can truly transform a space and give it a unique feel. Whether you want to create a dramatic and classic atmosphere or something a little more soothing and elegant, our range of colors offers the ultimate choice to help you create your dream interior. Our neutral shades express comfort and sophistication, with a softness that is key in relaxing spaces such as living areas and bedrooms. On the other hand clear tones are higher in saturation and make a bold impression, perfect for creating a contemporary and luxurious atmosphere.