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ECHO PAINTS is a paint manufacturer specialized in complement paints coating. We started our production in 1984, we are continuing in our quest to create unmatched paints since the company was founded.

Our paints production used high levels of pigment, rich resin binders, and the high immersive depth of color.

We are producing a wide range of products:

- Industrial products:  EPOXIES ROAD MARKING - P.U. (polyurethane) - the thermoplastic acrylic paints.

 - Decorative paints.

 - Protective paints.

- Solvent and water based textured coating.

- Solvent and water based Acrylic wall paints.

- Enamel based paints.

- Undercoats, and primers paints.

- Anti corrosion paints.

- Wood stain Varnishes and lacquer paints.

- Metal and steel Coatings.

- Anti microbial paints.

 our company is concentrating on the development and marketing of high performances coating specially for architectural use, such as health type interior wall paint, (Anti microbial) for hospital use, decorative effect paints and computerized tinting system.



ECHO paint is a complete set modern protective and decorative items specially designed to fit all constructive and preservative requirements.

ECHO paint is an excellent in its quality, its ability to cover what is underneath, and its unchangeable colors as well as its resistance towards acids, bases, humidity, oxidation and color change.

ECHO paint colors are precisely selected to be distinguished with their purity, their perseverance and their convenience with the demands to which they were designed.

ECHO paint can be applied using the paint brush, the air brush or the roller.

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